Full option hot tubs for sale

Hot tubs are really appreciated by people, relaxing and enjoying some friend’s company in a terrace, a wonderful plan. However, you should know that there are now many hot tubs for sale at Tropicspa that are equipped with a large number of interesting option.

Auto-cleanning water system

All the Tropicspa’s hot tubs have a circulation pump. Its role is to ensure the cleanliness of the water all along the day. Nevertheless, it is still highly suggested to regularly change the water and clean the filter to avoid sanitary problems and any other dysfunctions that may occur after few years of use .

Innovating jetting system

Their air tubs jets have many features and are available in different models : XL nozzle rotary hydro jets, XL nozzle directional hydro jets, L nozzle rotary hydro jets, L nozzle directional hydro jets, central rotary turbo jet, XXL Turbo jet for swimming, and the last one the air jets. This last one is maybe the most interesting one because of two reasons. First, it is perfect for people who do not support hydrotherapy. The air jets attenuate the high water pressure in order to provide them a soft and relaxing massage in place. Second, it allows you to enjoy the benefits of an aromatherapy without mixing your oil with the water thanks to the air bubble system.

Lightening therapy system

Tropicspa’s hot tubs are equipped with multicolored LED systems that are going to create a relaxing ambiance. In fact, research show that watching colours can have benefits on our health. The chromotherapy or color light therapy aims to reduce your pain, lessen your muscles and improve their motions, relax your body, regularise your circulation, enhance your sleeping…

If you wish to spend a good time with your friends and family but at the same time wish to enjoy in maximum the benefits provided by the hot tubs, the solution of your problem is at Tropicspa.

Getting the best deal on a hot tub for sale

Getting the best deal on a hot tub for sale
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Quality top of the range tubs for sale in the winter sales
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