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For its acronym Sanitus Aqua, SPA is a material that uses water to heal. A hot tub is characterized by powerful water and air jets, which are controlled by massage pumps and an air pump, which treat the muscles and joints suffering and provide a feeling of relaxation.

Healing with spa

We live in a society full of tension and stress. More and more people consciously seeking relaxation and discovering the benefits of a hot tub on the body and mind. The buoyancy of the water reduces body weight by over 90%, which relieves pressure on joints and muscles. This reduces the pain in the limbs, muscles and rheumatic pain or symptoms of diabetes. Hot bath water increases blood circulation and ensures dilation of blood vessels. Wastes are better decomposed and faster recovery of muscles and tissue occurs. Additionally, hydrotherapy can have a healing effect due to the combined effect of heat, massage and buoyancy in case of a headache, chronic back pain, neck and shoulder pain and joint pain. The location of jets is crucial in this regard.

Why the spa jacuzzi?

Whether you need a spa for you or for your center of wellbeing, the jacuzzi spa offers high quality spas at fair prices and excellent service. Each tub spa is the product of a process of research and extensive development in all possible areas. For example, our spas have various types of high-tech jets of varying strength, adjustable to massage every part of your body. The protective housing is made of super insulating material, thereby minimizing power consumption. The cover has been developed to ensure you the greatest ease of use. Research has even shown that the therapeutic effects of a spa are maximal when the outside temperature is considerably lower than the water temperature.

Surf the net and discover the new range of spas asking for free advice on site and an estimate of your purchase.

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