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Maintain your spa well

You have purchased a home spa. Maybe you got it from a jacuzzi spa store or from an authorized dealer. No matter where you bought it or what brand, a spa should be maintained on a regular basis. Simple but precise gestures are enough to provide you with functional equipment.

Start your maintenance with water monitoring

Your spa water should be clean and balanced. This is essential not only for your spa but also for the health of the users. Thus, you must first ensure a good filtration system. The filtration must be installed with the installation of the spa. Then disinfection is not overlooked. For the latter, you have the choice between chlorine or bromine. Finally, make sure that the water is well balanced. When balancing water, you have to consider its pH content, alkalinity and hardness. In addition to these technical aspects, hygiene must also affect users. It is therefore recommended to take a shower before swimming.

Maintain your spa by keeping it clean

Even if you have adopted the right actions with regard to your water, it would be useless if your spa itself does not follow certain rules of hygiene. It is then required to clean your spa from time to time and even more if it is frequently used.

Get a cleaning kit (landing nets, brushes and cleaning products) and clean your tank, your water line and various equipment. The covers do not require sophisticated equipment. You will just need a sponge, no need for chemicals.

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